Aerin Griffiths
You've clearly got problems. [Tag: Seth]
Mon Jun 16, 2014 02:08

Aerin was running late, but that was no surprise. She brushed past students in the hallway, broom in hand, with practiced ease. Hardly out of breath, she found herself storming onto the Pitch with the last of the Cetus Quidditch hopefuls. It was protocols much more than need that dictated Aerin’s presence at the team’s tryout. She had been playing for Cetus since her first year at RMI, and as a seventh year now she was probably one of the best Chasers in the school, if not by talent then by experience. Aerin lingered at the back of the group and eyed the newbies. Although she had never been all that interested in the glory of victory, she did have a fair share of Cetus pride, and once she and Seth were gone, it would be up to Carrick to make sure the team remained a force to be reckoned with.

It was only as Seth began speaking that she noticed something was wrong. His wry grin, easy stance, and mischievous look were all missing. With hardly two sentences he was up in the air, hovering angrily above the team. Aerin had certainly found Matt’s gusto irritating at times, and had nearly been bored to sleep by Tanner’s droning, but there was something to be said for…actually leading the team, especially during tryouts. It was so typical of Seth to let his emotions get in the way of actually doing his job.

As the rest of the players flew to their respective positions, Aerin let out a frustrated groan and began flying towards Seth. All of the seventh years seemed to be falling apart this term. Well, it was really only Amelia and Seth, but still, they were two of her closest friends. Despite the current tension it was good to be back in the air again, and Aerin felt her shoulders relax as the wind ruffled her shirt. It was flying that had brought her and Seth together all those years ago. They remained friends, but Aerin still wondered if they could have been more. Perhaps she would always wonder that. She’d grown tired of waiting, and Seth seemed dedicated to being a lady’s man. The seventh-year patted her pants pocket, happy to feel an extra hairtie within. She didn’t understand how Seth always managed to steal hers away.

Dodging a bludger, she picked up speed and swung around so she found herself beside Seth. She had no intention of confronting him in the middle of tryouts – that was something a younger, brasher Aerin would do – but she did mean to at least find out what was wrong. They could always talk details later. “What the heck was that, Seth? Are you okay?”

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    • You've clearly got problems. [Tag: Seth] — Aerin Griffiths, Mon Jun 16 02:08
      • Shouldn’t you be doing something?Seth, Tue Jun 17 19:45
        Once the freedom of the air closed around him, Seth’s agitation began to ease. It is worth it. As long as I can be here, it’s all worth it. The bat gave a satisfying crack against the bludgers and he ... more
        • Don't think this is over. Aerin, Wed Jun 18 01:26
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