Shouldn’t you be doing something?
Tue Jun 17, 2014 19:45

Once the freedom of the air closed around him, Seth’s agitation began to ease. It is worth it. As long as I can be here, it’s all worth it. The bat gave a satisfying crack against the bludgers and he had to suppress the slight cringe that tried to twist through his shoulders as the memory tried to draw him down and away from what should have been a great day.

The ball arrowed towards Emily and he couldn’t stop the grin when she executed a perfect barrel roll to avoid it. He’d been impressed with the girl last term, and knew that this year she’d continue to grow as a Chaser. While he watched her, the rest of the team took their various places and began the task of showing off their talents in the hope of winning a spot on the team. It was harder to focus this term that it had been last, and he’d briefly considered giving up on Quidditch when term started. Then his flying spirit rebelled, and if he had to pay his own damn way in this school, he’d at least spend his last year doing what he loved.

Instead of joining the group of Chasers assaulting the goals, Aerin’s flight took her to his side. Seth scowled at her, not wanting to deal with anything but the game. “What was what? I told them what to do, they’re doing it. Everything’s fine. Why aren’t you trying to score? The tiny hawk is out flying you.” The words had a bit of a bite to them, and he hoped the taunt would be enough to get her moving and forestall any further questions.

  • You've clearly got problems. [Tag: Seth]Aerin Griffiths, Mon Jun 16 02:08
    Aerin was running late, but that was no surprise. She brushed past students in the hallway, broom in hand, with practiced ease. Hardly out of breath, she found herself storming onto the Pitch with... more
    • Shouldn’t you be doing something? — Seth, Tue Jun 17 19:45
      • Don't think this is over. Aerin, Wed Jun 18 01:26
        Every year Quidditch managed to become one of the biggest stresses in Aerin’s life. She despised drama, hated that the game became so bogged down by politics, and yet always found herself signing up... more
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