Don't think this is over.
Wed Jun 18, 2014 01:26

Every year Quidditch managed to become one of the biggest stresses in Aerin’s life. She despised drama, hated that the game became so bogged down by politics, and yet always found herself signing up for the team. As a seventh year there was no way she wasn’t going to represent Cetus, even though she knew she ought to save herself the trouble. It was no surprise problems had cropped up immediately this term, and she had expected his scathing words, but she had never thought he would pull rank on her. “‘Tiny hawk’, oh give me a break.” Aerin rolled her eyes, confident Seth wouldn’t be able to tell how hurt she was. “I can’t believe you’re going all captain on me of all people.”

Why was her hair always in the way? No matter how many different scrunchies she tried, her hair always managed to escape. Now her dark locks were running amuck with the wind and ruining the effect of her glare. Furious, she yanked her scrunchy out and began retying her hair, then went with a better option and shot the scrunchy at Seth, saying “You know what? Fine. I’m not dealing with your stupid mood right now.” Eloquence had never been the seventh-year’s strength. “But don’t think I’m letting this drop. We’re going to talk later.”

With impressive speed she pulled out her extra scrunchy and in moments had her hair in a messy bun again. And with that, she flew off lackadaisically, daring Seth to call her back and hoping he wouldn’t.

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  • Shouldn’t you be doing something?Seth, Tue Jun 17 19:45
    Once the freedom of the air closed around him, Seth’s agitation began to ease. It is worth it. As long as I can be here, it’s all worth it. The bat gave a satisfying crack against the bludgers and he ... more
    • Don't think this is over. — Aerin, Wed Jun 18 01:26
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