Cora Procella
Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:13

This year, quidditch would be a lot better than last year.... at least that's what Cora hoped.

It seemed silly to even wish for a better quidditch season than last year's because the Aquila team last year played really well. Cora and Brielle had been on top of their game the whole season, and the two of them played really well for first years.

Today, Cora would do the best she could to impress everyone and secure a place on the team again. After all, last year, there were a fair number of first years on the team.. and Cora didn't want to be pushed off the team by a "natural."

After warm-ups, Cora took off into the air, looking for something to do. A few minutes later, she saw a quaffle streaming towards her.

Cora wrenched the quaffle out of the air and drew it in towards her body. She had successfully caught the quaffle, and her team was one step closer to scoring!

She spotted Brielle, one of her best friends and current teammate near the goalposts and threw the quaffle straight towards her, hoping her fellow Aquila would catch it.

Chaser was the only quidditch position that really appealed to her, except perhaps seeker, but since she had done well as chaser last year, she wanted to continue with that streak.

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