Sub. Coach Cooper Blair
Cetus vs Aquila: Quidditch Match!
Mon Jun 23, 2014 02:58

"Good day for a game," Cooper announced to no one in particular, surveying the empty pitch the morning before RMI's first Quidditch match of the term. The air was calm and quiet, and it was a fair bit colder than the Australian was used to for this time of year with a few inches' skiff of snow covering the ground, but that could be easily avoided with warm cloaks or a Heating Charm... or in his case, both, plus a double-pair of socks to make up for the holes he always managed to wear in the toes. Recalling offhand what his sister had mentioned to him of their former coach's routine (he was pretty sure that Bailey was the only female friend his sister'd ever really made, which was convenient for him in this case, most of his childhood memories revolving around Estelle-invoked conflicts with classmates that certainly wouldn't have helped him acquire such a position as this temporary coaching gig), the man began patting down his pockets to unearth a pen and a scrap of paper; he tore the paper in half and wrote two notes on the current weather to the team captains, sending them off with a gesture of his wand.

He'd been a bit surprised to be called back to sub Quidditch again, but it was definitely surprise in a good way. Quidditch was a sport he'd long enjoyed (though definitely not as much as surfing) and he unfortunately hadn't had the time for it since starting university. Coaching wasn't the same as playing the game directly, but it was still a nice way to get involved on these odd occasions. Plus, there was a little monetary bonus in for his time that he could hardly turn down. Every bit helped with the new Blair in the house. His son seemed to grow bigger with each successive morning that his high-pitched giggles woke Coop up from the charmed baby monitor - and that thought cracked a grin across darkly tanned cheeks, enough time having passed that he wasn't completely anxious about holding the tiny human while still being not quite so much time as to get over the fact that said tiny human was his. Coop had never been a poet or indeed artistic by any definition, but he did think that no amount of time would render his son's birth as any less awe-inspiring.

Checking his watch again, the muscled brunet spun around on his heel. Although notoriously late in his everyday life, his timing today worked out perfectly; by the time he'd downed a steaming coffee mug and pair of buttered cheese biscuits from the kitchen and then retraced his steps back out onto the Pitch, the Cetus and Aquila players had already started clustering outside, with a healthy smattering of spectators assembling on the stands. Blue and grey marked the day's excitement, colours pairing off nicely against the clear skies and snowy terrain, and in a sideways manner it reminded the Australian of the matches he used to play as a teenager at school, which also had blue skies and white ground - except their white ground had come from sandy beaches instead of snow. "Everyone set? Equipment, heating charms, all good?" Cooper checked with a few students as he passed them. "Righto, take your positions, and let's see a fantastic match out there!"

The former Chaser watched as captains Seth and Marcos shook hands and joined their waiting teammates. With a quick motion of his fingers, he unlocked the Bludgers and Snitch from their containments before ducking to scoop up the Quaffle, comfortable red leather settling in his palm like it belonged there. The magically enhanced BZZZT of the kazoo between his lips (whistles were boring, in his opinion, plus this was a school match and it ought to be fun, also plus he'd kind of forgotten to pick up a whistle for himself beforehand and the cheap plastic kazoo had been the first thing he'd seen at the Muggle dollar store near Pearl Street) rung out through the open wintery air; simultaneously, he swung his arm forward to throw the Quaffle up in a fast arc, and so the game began.

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    • Game over--Cetus wins! (nm)Sub. Coach Cooper Blair, Sat Aug 9 23:54
    • Three…two…one…GO!Captain Seth Jackson - Cetus Beater, Tue Jun 24 21:27
      The summer. Well, it was simple enough to say it had been a nightmare. Seth wanted to leave it at that, but had to glare at the note the substitute coach had sent about Pitch conditions. That forced... more
      • Right back at you!Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila Beater), Mon Jun 30 17:35
        Sitting at a round table in the Diner, there were several equally round plates surrounding him (one heaped with golden waffles, one displaying an assortment of sausages and fishsticks along with a... more
        • Why thank you! [Quaffle @ Aquila Keeper]Emily Wiggins (Cetus Chaser), Tue Jul 1 11:50
          Some people became so nervous before Quidditch matches that they could hardly eat, but that was never the case for Emily. In between large bites of pancake, Emily chatted aimlessly to whoever... more
          • No, thank youMichael Lawrence, Jr. [Aquila Chaser], Thu Jul 3 00:06
            Okay, so this year, Mikey was totally going to be awesome. Maybe in prior years he had been, well, less than stellar, but he was dedicated and passionate and ambitious and… kinda tired of looking... more
            • *Grumbles* Captain Seth Jackson - Cetus Beater, Fri Jul 4 00:32
              Seth glowered at the blond Aquila Beater who’d gotten between him and his chosen prey. {i}Not cool, Blondie{/i} he thought, watching the Bludger spin off away from him and any attempt at retaliation. ... more
              • InterceptedAerin Griffiths, [Cetus Chaser], Sun Jul 6 23:48
                Aerin had always been a morning person, and today she’d found herself up earlier than normal due to nerves about the impending Quidditch match. Though she hadn’t been plagued by dreams of... more
                • Hoorah!Emily, Mon Jul 7 10:54
                  “ARRGH!” Emily shouted as she saw Mikey Lawrence swipe her shot before it got anywhere near the goalposts. Perhaps if she had waited for someone else to help it would have gone better, but she was... more
                  • GotchaBrielle Hawkins, Tue Jul 8 16:14
                    Brielle had sat idly by this game, feeling bad that she didn't contribute as much during this first game as she had all last season. So, when Brielle saw the Cetus chaser -- Emily, she thought her... more
                    • Not so fastCopeland Henkes [Cetus Beater], Sun Jul 13 01:11
                      If the last three years had been equal parts confusing, disappointing, and frustrating, then this—finally—was the year things changed. He didn’t have to take classes he didn’t want anymore ( goodbye, ... more
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