Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila Beater)
Right back at you!
Mon Jun 30, 2014 17:35

Sitting at a round table in the Diner, there were several equally round plates surrounding him (one heaped with golden waffles, one displaying an assortment of sausages and fishsticks along with a scoop of the canned brown beans he'd discovered an odd fondness for, and one with a big slice of chocolate cake and lemon-y flavoured cream). A tall glass of pumpkin juice stood behind them, although by now the cold juice was probably getting quite a bit warmer than was ideal. He hadn't been able to take a sip from it for a while; both hands were occupied with their select dishes, layering forkfuls of meat and waffles with quick chocolate nibbles in-between, and it could almost be argued by an outside observer that he'd forgotten about his drink entirely, hazel eyes constantly darting from his plates directly to the Diner door.

It was the morning of the first Quidditch match and Kašpar was following his usual routine. Namely, a "monstrously large, ridiculous meal" (in the words of his sister, specifically, who ate hardly anything and when she did eat anything it was usually boring toast and jam. She was thus was not validated an opinion on the matter of Kašpar's eating habits), which would be soon followed by a few laps of a warm-up jog around the Pitch and a few rounds of his other preferred warm-up exercises. Some people might find it hard to eat a big meal right before playing sports, but not the stout Belarusian. The blonde was always ready for food and sports in equal turns, and even now over his breakfast, was already dressed in his grey Quidditch uniform, his broom Viecier propped up behind him and his Beater's bat lying next to his waffle plate on the table, and he was pretty much set to go at a moment's notice, should the need arise this instant.

Not that it would; not immediately. There was only ever one occasion that Kašpar woke up early, and that was for Quidditch matches, in order to give himself enough time for a solid meal. He was plenty early today to enjoy his food, hearty mouthfuls settling comfortably against the fluttering excitement curled in his belly as he partook in another aspect of his routine, the one where he daydreamed and fantasized of the possible favourable outcomes of the game. Mental iron balls flashed through the air and silent cheers rung out from the stands ringing him.

"Enough time" was roughly one hour. At the hour's end, right to the clock's chime, his plate(s) were scraped clean of all their foodspecs and crumbs, and the hem of his grey cloak and broom-tail bristle were just vanishing promptly around the doorframe. "Enough time" after that was roughly another forty minutes, after which, the fourteen-year-old scrambled to his feet from the newly flattened snow that he had been most enthusiastically doing crunchies in and waved, beaming, towards the rest of the players who had by now joined him on the Pitch, directing cheerful greetings their way. "'Allo, 'allo! Ready to vin?" he (rhetorically, of course) questioned his fellow Aquilas, offering high-fives to anyone who looked interested (which was everyone, he felt, though whether or not all of them would high-five him back remained to be seen).

The captain's handshake always put a slight shiver up the boy's spine. Not because handshakes were particularly chilling to witness, but because in the instance of Quidditch, shaking hands was like an exchange of power or something, the way their fingers gripped and presumably tried to crush each other. At least, Kašpar imagined they were crushing-handshakes. One day - 'one day!' - he'd get to be on the receiving end, and then, he guessed, he would know for certain. In the meantime, though, he waited with obvious admiration for Captain Marcos to shake hands and return to them before mounting his broom. The sound of something not-a-whistle startled him a bit and he had a moment's pause before kicking off, but Viecier was a fast broom and quickly brought him up to speed, zooming in between Seth's Bludger and the Aquila players and sending the theatening Bludger off in the opposite direction with a CRACK, his loose white-blond hair whipping delightfully around his shoulders at the backlash of the bat's hit.

  • Three…two…one…GO!Captain Seth Jackson - Cetus Beater, Tue Jun 24 21:27
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    • Right back at you! — Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila Beater), Mon Jun 30 17:35
      • Why thank you! [Quaffle @ Aquila Keeper]Emily Wiggins (Cetus Chaser), Tue Jul 1 11:50
        Some people became so nervous before Quidditch matches that they could hardly eat, but that was never the case for Emily. In between large bites of pancake, Emily chatted aimlessly to whoever... more
        • No, thank youMichael Lawrence, Jr. [Aquila Chaser], Thu Jul 3 00:06
          Okay, so this year, Mikey was totally going to be awesome. Maybe in prior years he had been, well, less than stellar, but he was dedicated and passionate and ambitious and… kinda tired of looking... more
          • *Grumbles* Captain Seth Jackson - Cetus Beater, Fri Jul 4 00:32
            Seth glowered at the blond Aquila Beater who’d gotten between him and his chosen prey. {i}Not cool, Blondie{/i} he thought, watching the Bludger spin off away from him and any attempt at retaliation. ... more
            • InterceptedAerin Griffiths, [Cetus Chaser], Sun Jul 6 23:48
              Aerin had always been a morning person, and today she’d found herself up earlier than normal due to nerves about the impending Quidditch match. Though she hadn’t been plagued by dreams of... more
              • Hoorah!Emily, Mon Jul 7 10:54
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                • GotchaBrielle Hawkins, Tue Jul 8 16:14
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                  • Not so fastCopeland Henkes [Cetus Beater], Sun Jul 13 01:11
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