Emily Wiggins (Cetus Chaser)
Why thank you! [Quaffle @ Aquila Keeper]
Tue Jul 1, 2014 11:50

Some people became so nervous before Quidditch matches that they could hardly eat, but that was never the case for Emily. In between large bites of pancake, Emily chatted aimlessly to whoever happened to be sitting near her. She had no idea whether or not her breakfast mate was actually listening, but she rambled on nonetheless.

“Yeah, today we’re playing Aquila,” chew chew chew “but I really think we can beat them,” chew chew “except that it’s supposed to be really cold and I don’t like the cold all that much but I guess they don’t either, huh?” She shoveled one last bite into her mouth before leaping out of her chair. “Well, I gotta go now, bye! Come to the game!” she called over her shoulder as she ran out the door.

Emily hunched against the cold as she jogged over to her teammates. She could see her breath coming in rapid white puffs. Inhaling deeply, she tried to slow her heart rate down, a task that was proving difficult in the chilled morning. Each breath felt like she was inhaling tiny shards of glass.

As usual, Seth gave a brief pep talk before the match started. Emily enjoyed that he didn’t give long –winded speeches lest she get distracted in the middle. When he mentioned heating charms, Emily’s hear nearly burst with joy. Of course! How could she have forgotten to use her heating charm? Grabbing her wand, she prepared to utter the incantation. She was forced to readjust when she nearly dropped her wand because her fingers were so numb. Once in place, Emily sighed happily as the charm began to block out some of the cold. It didn’t do much to help with the cold she was breathing in, but it would have to do.

The whistle blew, signaling the start of the match, and she was off. With the heating charm and the adrenaline rushing through her body, the cold was invigorating. Emily let out a whoop as she chased after the Quaffle.

Once the ball was tucked safely under her arm, Emily began to weave her way towards the Aquila goal posts. She pressed as close to her broom as she could, trying to gain as much speed as possible. A Bludger forced her into a dive, slowing her progress.

After regaining her balance, Emily covered the final distance between her and the goal and threw the Quaffle with all of her might. She whipped back around and tried to find her fellow Chasers. There would be no time to pause between plays if they were going to win today.

  • Right back at you!Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila Beater), Mon Jun 30 17:35
    Sitting at a round table in the Diner, there were several equally round plates surrounding him (one heaped with golden waffles, one displaying an assortment of sausages and fishsticks along with a... more
    • Why thank you! [Quaffle @ Aquila Keeper] — Emily Wiggins (Cetus Chaser), Tue Jul 1 11:50
      • No, thank youMichael Lawrence, Jr. [Aquila Chaser], Thu Jul 3 00:06
        Okay, so this year, Mikey was totally going to be awesome. Maybe in prior years he had been, well, less than stellar, but he was dedicated and passionate and ambitious and… kinda tired of looking... more
        • *Grumbles* Captain Seth Jackson - Cetus Beater, Fri Jul 4 00:32
          Seth glowered at the blond Aquila Beater who’d gotten between him and his chosen prey. {i}Not cool, Blondie{/i} he thought, watching the Bludger spin off away from him and any attempt at retaliation. ... more
          • InterceptedAerin Griffiths, [Cetus Chaser], Sun Jul 6 23:48
            Aerin had always been a morning person, and today she’d found herself up earlier than normal due to nerves about the impending Quidditch match. Though she hadn’t been plagued by dreams of... more
            • Hoorah!Emily, Mon Jul 7 10:54
              “ARRGH!” Emily shouted as she saw Mikey Lawrence swipe her shot before it got anywhere near the goalposts. Perhaps if she had waited for someone else to help it would have gone better, but she was... more
              • GotchaBrielle Hawkins, Tue Jul 8 16:14
                Brielle had sat idly by this game, feeling bad that she didn't contribute as much during this first game as she had all last season. So, when Brielle saw the Cetus chaser -- Emily, she thought her... more
                • Not so fastCopeland Henkes [Cetus Beater], Sun Jul 13 01:11
                  If the last three years had been equal parts confusing, disappointing, and frustrating, then this—finally—was the year things changed. He didn’t have to take classes he didn’t want anymore ( goodbye, ... more
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