Michael Lawrence, Jr. [Aquila Chaser]
No, thank you
Thu Jul 3, 2014 00:06

Okay, so this year, Mikey was totally going to be awesome. Maybe in prior years he had been, well, less than stellar, but he was dedicated and passionate and ambitious and… kinda tired of looking dumb.

His hand-eye coordination was not that of an ideal athlete. He was pretty awkward. Sometimes he fumbled over his own feet, just walking! Mostly, though, his Quidditch problem was that his hands just didn’t want to do what he asked of them. Why should they clench a Quaffle when instead they could miss each other and let the ball hit Mikey in the face?

That was pretty much the brunet’s life. He always gave the game his best, and though his best sucked nine out of ten times, miraculously he continued to make Aquila’s team. It had to be, like, God or something. Divine intervention was the most logical explanation he could find.

No matter how, the case was thus: Mikey annually took the field with his Housemates in an attempt to gain hypothetical glory. They now stood face-to-face with today’s enemy, Cetus. Even through heating chars, Mikey felt the cold, his teeth chatter-y and his skin prickle-y. He figured adrenaline would add some warmth soon enough, though.

The substitute coach guy punctured the still winter with the unusual burst of a kazoo, and the fourth year shot awkwardly into the air. He lunged for the Quaffle but watched it slip away from him, then began chasing the Cetus who managed to acquire it. This little girl also managed to dart all the way down the Pitch, which was not only surprising but pretty dumb on her part, since it made her a huge target. Their Beaters would surely be on her tail now.

Little Cetus Star tossed toward the goals, but Mikey rocketed in front of her and grabbed the Quaffle almost as soon as it left her hand. Although it felt pretty stylish, he basically blocked it with his chest and hunched over, trapping the Quaffle. He sent a brief glance Jesse’s direction as if to say, Don’t worry, I got this before ripping back up the Pitch.

About a third of a way down, Mikey figured he ought to pass. He definitely didn’t want to (die, which meant it was probably a good idea not to hang onto the Quaffle too long. Cetus’s Beating Captain especially was too bloodthirsty to be comfortable with long runs of possession. So he peered eagerly around for one of his two fellow Chasers and, believing he spied one, sent the red orb hurtling their way.

  • Why thank you! [Quaffle @ Aquila Keeper]Emily Wiggins (Cetus Chaser), Tue Jul 1 11:50
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    • No, thank youMichael Lawrence, Jr. [Aquila Chaser], Thu Jul 3 00:06
      • *Grumbles* Captain Seth Jackson - Cetus Beater, Fri Jul 4 00:32
        Seth glowered at the blond Aquila Beater who’d gotten between him and his chosen prey. {i}Not cool, Blondie{/i} he thought, watching the Bludger spin off away from him and any attempt at retaliation. ... more
        • InterceptedAerin Griffiths, [Cetus Chaser], Sun Jul 6 23:48
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          • Hoorah!Emily, Mon Jul 7 10:54
            “ARRGH!” Emily shouted as she saw Mikey Lawrence swipe her shot before it got anywhere near the goalposts. Perhaps if she had waited for someone else to help it would have gone better, but she was... more
            • GotchaBrielle Hawkins, Tue Jul 8 16:14
              Brielle had sat idly by this game, feeling bad that she didn't contribute as much during this first game as she had all last season. So, when Brielle saw the Cetus chaser -- Emily, she thought her... more
              • Not so fastCopeland Henkes [Cetus Beater], Sun Jul 13 01:11
                If the last three years had been equal parts confusing, disappointing, and frustrating, then this—finally—was the year things changed. He didn’t have to take classes he didn’t want anymore ( goodbye, ... more
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