Captain Seth Jackson - Cetus Beater
Fri Jul 4, 2014 00:32

Seth glowered at the blond Aquila Beater who’d gotten between him and his chosen prey. {i}Not cool, Blondie{/i} he thought, watching the Bludger spin off away from him and any attempt at retaliation. Getting into Beater Battles was a dangerous pastime, but one Seth reveled in. Though most of the Beaters knew this about him, and those not like minded tended to send the ball in whatever direction was opposite to Seth’s position to keep it from flying back in their faces.

A blue streak caught Seth’s eye, and he cursed under his breath when he realized his little Hawk was making a death run at the Aquila goals. Somehow, she managed to evade the other teams Beaters, but he’d have to have a chat with her about passing. Keeping the ball too long was a great way to get squished, and he couldn’t play guard dog all the time. It was better to mix it up instead of trying to do it all yourself. Seth snorted and a line from Alice In Wonderland danced in his mind: I give myself such very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. Telling Emily not to go it alone would be rather hypocritical of him since he wasn’t the epitome of Team Player.

Before the Quaffle could reach the Rings, something unusual happened. One of the more clumsy players on Aquila captured it and retreated back up the field. Seth growled under his breath and forced his broom into a steep dive. One of the Bludgers was cruising at a low altitude, and he wanted to reach it before anyone else noticed. He was closing in on the deadly ball when it suddenly changed direction and zoomed straight up. The evil thing almost clipped his left leg, but he managed an inelegant twist that got him out of the way even if it did make him look like an idiot. “Damn,” he snarled, righting himself before he glanced around to get tabs on what everyone else was doing.

  • No, thank youMichael Lawrence, Jr. [Aquila Chaser], Thu Jul 3 00:06
    Okay, so this year, Mikey was totally going to be awesome. Maybe in prior years he had been, well, less than stellar, but he was dedicated and passionate and ambitious and… kinda tired of looking... more
    • *Grumbles* — Captain Seth Jackson - Cetus Beater, Fri Jul 4 00:32
      • InterceptedAerin Griffiths, [Cetus Chaser], Sun Jul 6 23:48
        Aerin had always been a morning person, and today she’d found herself up earlier than normal due to nerves about the impending Quidditch match. Though she hadn’t been plagued by dreams of... more
        • Hoorah!Emily, Mon Jul 7 10:54
          “ARRGH!” Emily shouted as she saw Mikey Lawrence swipe her shot before it got anywhere near the goalposts. Perhaps if she had waited for someone else to help it would have gone better, but she was... more
          • GotchaBrielle Hawkins, Tue Jul 8 16:14
            Brielle had sat idly by this game, feeling bad that she didn't contribute as much during this first game as she had all last season. So, when Brielle saw the Cetus chaser -- Emily, she thought her... more
            • Not so fastCopeland Henkes [Cetus Beater], Sun Jul 13 01:11
              If the last three years had been equal parts confusing, disappointing, and frustrating, then this—finally—was the year things changed. He didn’t have to take classes he didn’t want anymore ( goodbye, ... more
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