Brielle Hawkins
Tue Jul 8, 2014 16:14

Brielle had sat idly by this game, feeling bad that she didn't contribute as much during this first game as she had all last season. So, when Brielle saw the Cetus chaser -- Emily, she thought her name was -- fly down towards Jesse and the Aquila goals, Quaffle in hand, she knew she had to do something to help.

Brielle was at about the middle of the pitch when she noticed a Bludger sailing towards Emily. She knew that Emily was a good player, and that she wouldn't jeopardize her team's success just to hold onto the Quaffle and be a Quaffle-hog or a hero or something. So, that meant she was going to have to get rid of the ball so in a case where she did get hit by the Bludger, or the Bludger wouldn't get off her trail, Cetus would still be able to try and score.

In figuring this, Brielle also knew that if this were the case -- which it wasn't a sure thing that this was going to happen, but it was her best guess -- she would have to try and get the Quaffle and take it down to the Cetus end of the pitch, or at least further out of the Aquila end. So, Brielle flew as fast as possible, willing her broom to fly faster and faster, the wind whipping at her hair and face, threatening to pry the goggles from her eyes. She raced towards Emily, but not too close that she wouldn't be able to react, and once she got closer, she slowed down to gain more control of the broom.

The timing was perfect, and just as Emily tossed the Quaffle in an attempt to reach another Cetus chaser, Brielle sailed towards the ball. She reached her arm out as long as possible and it hit the tips of her left-hand fingers, slowing the ball down just enough for Brielle to manage a second try at it with her right hand. She stretched her right hand out and it hit her palm, but Brielle was flying a bit out of control from not having either hand on her broom.

Brielle was holding onto her broom with her left hand and kept the Quaffle tucked safely into her right arm, and she managed to restore her balance on the broom. Brielle looped around the goalposts, directing herself back towards the Cetus end of the pitch and searching for other gray-clad members. She knew that, eventually, she was going to have to give the Quaffle up, whether it was because there was a Bludger or Cetus player after her, or because another Aquila player was in a good position to score.

As she flew down the pitch, she saw a gray-clad member of the Aquila team without a bat flying near her, so she redirected her broom and flew right in front of the other Aquila, passing the Quaffle at close-range to try and avoid an interception. All the other teammate had to do was catch the Quaffle, and Aquila would hopefully be able to score.

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