Copeland Henkes [Cetus Beater]
Not so fast
Sun Jul 13, 2014 01:11

If the last three years had been equal parts confusing, disappointing, and frustrating, then this—finally—was the year things changed. He didn’t have to take classes he didn’t want anymore (goodbye, Potions, I wish I could say it was nice knowing you but that’s totally a lie), he had the best damn part in the play, and he was restored to a regular position on the Quidditch team. Sorry, reserves—maybe in a few years.

The snow crunched beneath his heavy cleats as Cope made his way to the Quidditch Pitch. This morning, he was fueled by bacon and eggs and blueberry pancakes, and a drive to get Cetus to the finals this year, and the brisk cold wind at his back.

Better do some heating charms, he thought, kicking the snow off his boots on the door frame. It wasn’t snowing anymore, but the air would bite through their scarves and gloves when they flew. At least the snow would stay on the ground today—there wasn’t a cloud in the fake sky, and the fallen flakes seemed damp, which was good news. Dry, powdery snow could blow up and sting Cetus faces. Wouldn’t mind if all the Aquilas caught a faceful of powder, but… whatever.

“Stay warm,” he muttered to the rest of the team as they filed out into the snow. Seth was a fine captain (Copeland kind of thought Aerin would’ve made a good captain too, but that was neither here nor there), but not a man of inspiring speeches. The cloudless sky and false sun made the snow dazzle as the seven of them tromped to the center of the Pitch. Cope made a mental note to watch out for that. It’d be hard to track down the Bludgers and aim with any accuracy if he was half blinded.

The chasers were on fire today, it seemed. Seth had one Bludger handled, and with the other out of sight, Cope tried to shadow Linden, figuring Kašpar and Killian would go for her above all other targets. He stayed apart from the action until he noticed some kind of Bludgery scuffle going on around Emily Wiggins. The wind stole the curse from his lips as Copeland pressed his broom forward, arm coiled for the swing. Don’t hit Emily don’t hit Emily don’thitEmily…

The bat found its mark, sending the Bludger sailing towards the Chaser who’d just intercepted Emily’s pass. It missed spectacularly as she spun around the goalposts. Cope swore again and went after it, hoping he could get to it in time to intercept an Aquila scoring attempt. He caught up as it, too, came around the posts, and sent it hurtling down to the far end of the Pitch, at the Chaser the Aquila (Brienne? Brielle? Britta?) had just passed to. Hopefully this would make up for his first failure.

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    • Not so fast — Copeland Henkes [Cetus Beater], Sun Jul 13 01:11
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