Former Coach Bailey Richards
Draco vs. Lyra: Quidditch Match
Mon Aug 25, 2014 22:01

Paid leave and a week suspension. Bailey had never been more insulted in all her life. She kept fighting hard against the system of her new industry, but she continuously got shut down. But she had no plans of giving in; someday and someday soon, professional Quidditch would recognize her as more than Stonewall’s daughter.

For now, it worked out that her suspension happened to be overlapping with an RMI Quidditch match. It seemed that since her departure, RMI had been having difficulty acquiring a replacement coach. That surprised her; it was a pretty cushy job, since all you really had to do was teach a few lessons and blow a whistle. Still, the blonde could not say she was unhappy to set foot on her the Pitch again.

It had rained earlier, and though the Pitch had cleared up since then, the wet ground was not the only lingering trace; a striking rainbow lit up the artificial sky, a phenomenon she imagined could not be too uncommon but was not one she could recall ever seeing during her actual employment at RMI. It felt like maybe the school was glad to see her, the vibrancy offering a quiet, “Welcome home.”

She almost didn’t notice when the time came for the captains to lead their teams onto the Pitch. It was odd to see Draco down a York, but Captain Campbell seemed to wear his title well enough. And as he marched his team into his first leading match, Captain Finn marched his into what could possibly be his last. Bailey had gotten to watch Riley Finn grow up over the years, and she had to admit, the kid had spunk.

She instructed Reece and Riley to shake hands, though her voice came without thought, a habit returning upon the lightest enticement. “Let’s have a nice clean match, huh?” she smiled as she began releasing balls: first the Snitch, then the Bludgers, and finally, the Quaffle, with the shrill whistle still reverberating in her teeth.

OOC: I’m pretty sure you guys know the rules by now, but you have to verify by signing here before posting at the match. Otherwise, you’ll do your team more harm than good. Make sure you uphold the rules, and have fun!

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