Former Coach Bailey Richards
Draco vs. Lyra: Stands (nm)
Mon Aug 25, 2014 22:02

    • Do the sport, win the point, take the game.Elizabeth Knight [Lyra], Wed Sep 17 16:47
      As a thirteen year old Pureblood girl, Elizabeth Knight felt completely justified in her firmly held belief that life was difficult. It had always been and it always would be. Perhaps she was a bit... more
      • Er, not to distract you or anything, but...Aerin Griffiths [Cetus], Thu Sep 18 03:11
        A Quidditch match was admittedly not the best place to be writing a letter home, but given how busy the week had been, Aerin felt she’d had no choice but to take advantage of her breathing time in... more
        • I'm pretty easily distracted, actuallyElizabeth, Thu Sep 18 21:16
          Screaming voices, a lot of excitement, a clumsy neighbor, and somehow, Elizabeth found herself tainted with ink. Brown eyes blinked slowly, processing what had just happened. It was all so quick, and ... more
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