Elizabeth Knight [Lyra]
Do the sport, win the point, take the game.
Wed Sep 17, 2014 16:47

As a thirteen year old Pureblood girl, Elizabeth Knight felt completely justified in her firmly held belief that life was difficult. It had always been and it always would be. Perhaps she was a bit spoiled, adjusted to a level of comfort that evaded all those without the same magnitude of wealth, but nonetheless, Elizabeth felt that she had not had an easy life.

Her family was a disaster, to begin with. Her brother never spoke to her anymore, and she missed Henry terribly. Her parents had never taken much interest in either of them, their mother preferring society and their father preferring seclusion. And the rest of her family was essentially a joke; everyone was either falling apart or already broken, or else in an urn. Nobody was happy, no matter how many fake smiles they flashed her. The brunette knew things.

She liked how the Pitch could have a rainbow. It was comforting, at least, to see the product of a storm present in something beautiful. The Lyra knew that would probably never happen for her; the only way out of her family meant entrance into another, ie a suitable marriage, which would probably bring about a family just like her own. She assumed, with nothing else to go on, that all Purebloods were like the Knights, so her hypothetical in-laws hardly excited her. Besides marriage, it seemed the only other choice was death.

But that was such a morbid thought, and today was supposed to be a day for mild enjoyment. Elizabeth had decided to come support her House in their Quidditch match against Draco, not for any particular attachment to the players or kinsmanship amongst her Housemates, but mostly because it would give her something to do. It was certainly better than contemplating the reality in which she was trapped. No, she much preferred to let her voice ring out, “Go Lyra!” and be lost in the barrage of shouting and cheering from other spectators. Elizabeth hoped her House would win, because that was what one did at these things.

  • Draco vs. Lyra: Stands (nm)Former Coach Bailey Richards, Mon Aug 25 22:02
    • Do the sport, win the point, take the game. — Elizabeth Knight [Lyra], Wed Sep 17 16:47
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