Aerin Griffiths [Cetus]
Er, not to distract you or anything, but...
Thu Sep 18, 2014 03:11

A Quidditch match was admittedly not the best place to be writing a letter home, but given how busy the week had been, Aerin felt she’d had no choice but to take advantage of her breathing time in the stands. At least I'm not worrying about college apps anymore. She shuddered at the memories even the words “college apps” brought up. There had definitely been more than one crying session underneath the bleachers she was sitting on now.

It was a chill day, even though the storm had been replaced by a rainbow, and Aerin was glad she'd thought to bring her jacket with her. Not wanting to seem partial in the stands, she had cast a simple spell on an old baseball cap of hers so that its design split down the middle and turned the cap half sea-green and half grey. Both colors glittered in the dappled sunlight, only boosting the cap’s distracting and ridiculous effect. Cap aside, however, Aerin was secretly hoping that Lyra would win. They’d be much easier to defeat than Aquila in the upcoming final.

Head bent over her lap, Aerin messily began her note:

Hi Mom,

Thanks for the cookies! This week has been really crazy, mostly because I let myself fall behind on homework, and it was so good to have food from home to get me through. I’m at a Quidditch match right now as I write to you – Lyra vs. Aquila, and…

Aerin paused to dip her quill in the inkpot sitting beside her and raised her eyes to the match. As the players zipped about the field she remembered her first time flying, the thrill of wind streaming through her hair, and working with Seth to get through the obstacle course. In retrospect, it seemed a bit irresponsible to have a bunch of eleven year olds up on a remote mountain work their way through flying challenges their first time on a broom, but that day was admittedly a good introduction to what living in the Wizarding World was like.

The Cetus’s reverie came to an end as she felt the ink from the pot slide down the side of her palm. She looked beside her in dismay and quickly stood up. Her quill had fallen somewhere in the stands while she’d been lost in thought, and now half her ink was looking to follow it. With a great sigh, Aerin took the inkpot in hand began rummaging through it for a tissue and stopper for the inkpot. She clearly wasn’t going to get any more writing done now. It was as she went to cover the inkpot that a roar emerged from the crowd. Aerin turned around quickly to see what had happened in the field, and in doing so dropped a rather liberal amount of ink on the person sitting beside her. It only took the seventh-year seconds to recognize her victim as Elizabeth Knight, and she could only look at the girl in horror as the ink blotch grew larger.

  • Do the sport, win the point, take the game.Elizabeth Knight [Lyra], Wed Sep 17 16:47
    As a thirteen year old Pureblood girl, Elizabeth Knight felt completely justified in her firmly held belief that life was difficult. It had always been and it always would be. Perhaps she was a bit... more
    • Er, not to distract you or anything, but... — Aerin Griffiths [Cetus], Thu Sep 18 03:11
      • I'm pretty easily distracted, actuallyElizabeth, Thu Sep 18 21:16
        Screaming voices, a lot of excitement, a clumsy neighbor, and somehow, Elizabeth found herself tainted with ink. Brown eyes blinked slowly, processing what had just happened. It was all so quick, and ... more
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