I'm pretty easily distracted, actually
Thu Sep 18, 2014 21:16

Screaming voices, a lot of excitement, a clumsy neighbor, and somehow, Elizabeth found herself tainted with ink. Brown eyes blinked slowly, processing what had just happened. It was all so quick, and she had been surprisingly wrapped up in a game about which she actually cared very little. But there was ink on her now, the blotch growing, expanding, consuming more fabric.

The responsible party did not apologize, but the look of absolute horror on her face informed Elizabeth in a glance that nothing had been under malicious intentions. In fact, she was fairly sure she knew the girl. She was obviously considerably older than her, and a Cetus, if memory served. Actually, was this not the girl that hung around her cousin Amelia? What was her name? Enid? Amanda? She kind of looked like an Amanda. That would work for a mental title, at the very least.

“This-...” The Lyra began, noticeable anger in her voice. But she stopped her words, took a breath, and went on calmly, “...was an ugly dress anyway. Good thing I was not wearing one that actually mattered, right?” Hand-made, individually designed, one of a kind, expensive. Whatever. Elizabeth easily could have it replaced. The Knights had more money than practicality required for any situation, so she supposed replacing damaged items would simply be an actual use for some spare funds.

“Say, don’t you play for Cetus?” she added as an inquiry. “What are you doing here, scoping out the competition?” The thirteen year old forced the casual air to hopefully relieve any tension Amanda--Emily? Erin? Well, whatever her name was--could have been feeling, although the giant blotch was obviously still going to be plainly visible. “It does not seem like a very eventful game so far. Might not be much of a final no matter which side wins today, huh?”

  • Er, not to distract you or anything, but...Aerin Griffiths [Cetus], Thu Sep 18 03:11
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    • I'm pretty easily distracted, actually — Elizabeth, Thu Sep 18 21:16
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