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Vince Garcia
One MB photo issue
Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:01am

One thing I'd like to bring up about that photo: Wherever it came from, one history I guarantee it did NOT have is going down to SA, living in Cholila, going on the run and surviving living in jungles and escaping from bank robberies for a couple of years, and then coming back to the US. A cabinet card could not have survived that sort of background and been kept in that good a shape through all that. No way,

Whomever got it, put it in a safe place and took care of it from the beginning.

This has nothing to do w/whether MB is or is not EP; I only make the point to suggest that photo has always lived in the US

    • Re: One MB photo issueDaniel Buck, Fri Oct 14 1:43pm
      Vince, For a variety of reasons, chiefly that the MB=EP proponents have not provided any evidence to credibly support the idea, plus the physical and age differences that distinguish MB &EP, I think... more
      • Re: One MB photo issueVince Garcia, Fri Oct 14 1:52pm
        There would, I am supposing, have been some jungle (using the term real loosely) travel after Villa Mercedes. Weren't they supposedly also living in the ruins of an old mission in a jungle for a... more
        • Re: One MB photo issueDaniel Buck, Fri Oct 14 2:10pm
          Vince, As to your last question, when the photograph was first brought to our attention, a certain "old dogs, old tricks" OWR habitue questioned its authenticity, whatever that means. And still does, ... more
          • Dear DanielPat, Fri Oct 14 3:01pm
            It's okay to use my name and not relegate me to being an old dog.Something Trump would do. That said when I refer to experts I included you and the man from Utah or even McCubbin. Since when is it... more
          • Re: One MB photo issueVince Garcia, Fri Oct 14 2:18pm
            Actually--if I were to put myself in her/their place--if you're living a life on the run, I would make sure if I had an item precious to me (like Etta's watch, which some say SD carried with him up... more
            • Tough to map out the deal on their travelMark Mszanski, Fri Oct 14 2:34pm
              Good point - One has to assume she took her keepsakes with her in that context . She had plenty of time to do so. Still - would love to get out there at the cabin and sweep it with ground radar or a... more
    • No photo is showing (nm)Pat, Fri Oct 14 11:49am
      • Agreed - Mark Mszanski, Fri Oct 14 2:10pm
        I agree with Dan on this as it a more progressive way to look at this scenario - IF MB received the photo and not Marion F. Mike Brown - then that story has not been written and should be the focus... more
    • Your messageColin Taylor, Fri Oct 14 11:42am
      Vince- I had a terrible time opening your message. Can't figure out is it is from HRC or DJT. Maybe from BO? I should be more careful I guess.
      • Re: Your messageVince Garcia, Fri Oct 14 12:39pm
        What message? I sent you no message. Probably a scammer
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