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Brian Mida Bleecker
Old Rogue Ignorance
Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:46pm

Like Buck you are running scared and unable to do anything but demonstrate that you don't know Butch and Sundance when you see them.

  • Dear Mr BleeckerMark Mszanski, Thu Mar 16 7:26pm
    As you have invited yourself into this discussion and as well ask for commentary as you so clearly on your web page , I will provide you with some. Publishing a book and claiming that the photo you... more
    • Old Rogue Ignorance — Brian Mida Bleecker, Thu Mar 16 11:46pm
      • ScaredMark Mszanski, Fri Mar 17 6:16am
        Mr Bleek, I am scared. Your are correct. I am scared of people who chime in out of nowhere because they got a review they did not like after welcoming reviews and are not willing to debate them with... more
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