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Bob Goodwin
Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:47am

I expect any time that the real relatives of these two men will come forward and proclaim that their ancestors are the real Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid based on Mr. Bleekers evidence. Maybe we can even get one of them to dig up their ancestor and have their dna testing done, aka William Henry Long. Maybe your hot shot photographic expert can compare these two with the other photo of Butch and Sundance "workin on the railroad" which was recently "found" and reported on. Maybe it will be a match with with your photo too, Maybe we can go as far as matching that photo with Butch and Sundance posing in 1889 in front of the Green River saloon that Murray King tried to foist off on the public in the Matt Warner book.

  • spanish doesnt hide ignoranceBrian Mida Bleecker, Thu Mar 16 2:36pm
    Dan, perhaps you should spend less time impressing your friends with Spanish and more time justifying your fear of "Butch and Sundance ~ The New Evidence." This is the e-book you bought, then... more
    • keeganKeegan, Wed Mar 29 8:16pm
      Hey Brian, Blast from the past. Congratulations on your publishing! Please try to get hold of me by leaving your phone number with my co workers (360) 385-6959. I don't want to get trolled on this... more
    • Bleeker — Bob Goodwin, Fri Mar 17 7:47am
      • I don't blame you for being skepticalBrian Mida Bleecker, Tue Mar 21 4:48pm
        I have read some of the absurd stories concocted around Butch and Sundance that are now posting online. It would definitely be easiest for you to write me off as one of those. You will have to decide ... more
      • "Workin on the RR"ChrisV, Fri Mar 17 12:08pm
        I like that Bob. :) In all seriousness, have you stopped to think why they were there on the RR? Wasn't for the money and because they loved to work in the fresh outdoors. best, Chris
      • By the WayBob Goodwin, Fri Mar 17 8:53am
        By the way, the Murray King photo has better provenance than yours. It at least was supposedly in Matt Warner's collection.
        • By the WayChrisV, Sat Mar 18 8:52am
          Thanks Bob. :)
          • Keep working on that RailroadBrian Mida Bleecker, Fri Dec 29 8:21pm
            ChrisV, Chris Vorhees, of Sanpete Railroad fame - is that you? I have a question. Where are your Robert Parker's jaws? Robert Leroy Parker has box jaws that square off at the back, under his ears.... more
    • Dear Mr BleeckerMark Mszanski, Thu Mar 16 7:26pm
      As you have invited yourself into this discussion and as well ask for commentary as you so clearly on your web page , I will provide you with some. Publishing a book and claiming that the photo you... more
      • Old Rogue IgnoranceBrian Mida Bleecker, Thu Mar 16 11:46pm
        Like Buck you are running scared and unable to do anything but demonstrate that you don't know Butch and Sundance when you see them.
        • ScaredMark Mszanski, Fri Mar 17 6:16am
          Mr Bleek, I am scared. Your are correct. I am scared of people who chime in out of nowhere because they got a review they did not like after welcoming reviews and are not willing to debate them with... more
      • Vince -Found the quote I was referring too Mark Mszanski, Thu Mar 16 8:25pm
        " One of the men Shouldred a sack which seemed to be pretty heavy" Sincerely,
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