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Vince Garcia
Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:23am

Okay, Dan--I finally watched the special, and while the photo may have been debunked, no one debunked any of the anecdotal claims from natives and US GIs I pointed out have existed for decades that asserted Earhart had crashed in the Marshall's and been taken to Saipan.

In fact, the special talked to some people and listed some new sources (such as the commandant of the USMC) I had not heard before make that claim

    • an answer of sortsDaniel Buck, Wed Jul 26 2:05am more
    • Ameliajim lynch, Sat Jul 15 9:20am
      As a member of Tygar and a long term student of what went wrong, by following the radio reports of the navy ship that was stationed off Howland Island it is apparent that she was very near Howland,... more
    • Re: EarhartDaniel Buck, Fri Jul 14 5:37am
      Vince, Most Bigfoot sighting have not been debunked either. it's had to debunk anecdotes of people who said they saw something or said they were told by others who said they saw something, absent a... more
      • Re: EarhartVince Garcia, Fri Jul 14 7:10am
        Actually, they are reasonably consistent: She crashed in the MArshalls and was then taken to Saipan. There are not contradictory claims, for instance, she crashed in the Marshalls/stayed in the... more
        • Re: EarhartDaniel Buck, Fri Jul 14 8:44am
          Evidence that the Japanese joined in the search for Earhart just surfaced:... more
          • Re: EarhartVince Garcia, Fri Jul 14 9:29am
            This would, of course, be the same Japanese who refused to let the US search the Marshalls, where she allegedly crashed. I certainly don't put it past a barbaric government like that to hold her and... more
            • Re: EarhartDaniel Buck, Fri Jul 14 9:43am
              "Barbaric"? Ouch. That covers a lot of territory, lots of governments, some close to home. Anyway, yes, one might question whether the Japanese government was being sincere, but this new evidence... more
        • Re: EarhartDaniel Buck, Fri Jul 14 8:09am
          Vince, like you, I'm not staying awake at night worrying about Earhart's fate. I think the simplest explanation, for which there is evidence from Earhart herself -- she radioed she was low on gas --... more
      • DebunkedChrisV, Fri Jul 14 7:06am
        Dan, Your published Santiago Ryan signature has been debunked as not his...Have you corrected this?
        • Re: DebunkedDaniel Buck, Fri Jul 14 8:02am
          Chris, We corrected it on OWR, and earlier with other researchers. Happy? Bst Dan
          • Re: DebunkedChrisV, Fri Jul 14 8:07am
            Hi Dan, That is good, but needs to be corrected in the journal where the article was written. You do that and yes I will be happy ;) thanks, Chris
            • Re: DebunkedDaniel Buck, Fri Jul 14 8:17am
              Chris, That would require a time machine. Old West folded some years ago. Best, Dan
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