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Vince Garcia
Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:43am

I have been watching a feature on the Holly crash. Though it is focusing on Rotchie Valens, half of it is dealing with the crash. I did not realize it was only a 5-minute flight done by an incompetent kid pilot who was prone to getting flustered, and had recently failed an instrument flight test

    • Re: DanDaniel Buck, Sun Jul 16 12:47pm
      Vince, not only do I remember where I was (better put, I think I remember where I was, heh), I had just seen his show, the Winter Dance Party, which I call the Buddy Holly Death Tour, at the Prom... more
      • Re: DanVince Garcia, Sun Jul 16 12:53pm
        I remember where I was as well--like one year old in Fresno In this feature, they had Valens flip w/Allsop. Holley was going regardless. They brought up the various factors like too much weight... more
        • Re: DanDaniel Buck, Sun Jul 16 1:02pm
          Among other stories, Waylon Jennings said he flipped with Holly. One would think that three headliners could have had dibs on seats without coin flipping. A fourth headliner, Dion, rode the bus. He... more
          • Re: DanVince Garcia, Sun Jul 16 1:09pm
            Jennings version makes no sense--Holly was the one who had a jones to not take a bus for the long ride, and Jennings was just the backing musician. One would think he'd never be in the running to... more
            • Re: DanDaniel Buck, Sun Jul 16 1:34pm
              Vince, The "I-gave-up-my-seat-to-Buddy-Holly" are examples of the first-person anecdote tradition, the personal experience story. Rearrange the details to put yourself in center of the story.... more
    • Not a kid pilot or anything else you said. It was because they took off in a blinding snowstorm. More interesting is today is the 50th anniversary of the riots all over the country .They focus on... more
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