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Vince Garcia
Interesting SD quote
Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:18pm

Found an old recollection by a cowboy who claimed to have worked with Butch and SD at the WS ranch. He claimed they taught him to shoot.
Noteworthy quote:
"I remember the Sundance Kid told me there was only one good reason to carry a pistol and that was to to shoot a man. And the main thing was to learn was how to fix an enemy so he wouldn't cause you no more trouble. He told me to look him in the belt buckle and no place else so's I could keep my shots in a 12-inch square with a pistol in a snap draw. He said to me, 'Then, Kid, there ain't nobody gonna be better than you.'"

    • Could youPat, Fri Sep 15 8:42am
      Please cite your source for this ? That will tell us all we need to know.
      • Re: Could youVince Garcia, Fri Sep 15 2:48pm
        Now why didn't I get an alert from your post? Anyway, it was a 1961 el paso times
    • Sundance should have coached FootballMark Mszanski, Thu Sep 14 9:19pm
      Vince - Nice Find - I find it interesting when we come up with actual encounters with the WB - I was reminded of High School Football My coach told me that the only way to ensure a good tackle is to... more
    • correctionVince Garcia, Wed Sep 13 12:56pm
      He mentions that they HAD been working at the WS but he knew them from the bar at Alma, where they were hiding out and it was through there that he learned how to shoot from them at age 12 or so
      • Raising hand in classPat, Thu Sep 14 9:07am
        oooh oooh I know. It was the kid in Winnemucca that Butch gave the white horse to and he rode it to Alma to get shooting lessons. :)
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