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Daniel Buck
Mark, thanks for reigniting OWR (nm)
Fri Oct 6, 2017 11:51am

    • DanPat, Fri Oct 6 12:42pm
      Mark hasn't done anything yet as the pics of ships lists in the Journal is too small blurry and is unreadable. No one has seen them except you and Mark so what does that say. I hope he found... more
      • Re: DanDaniel Buck, Fri Oct 6 4:55pm
        Actually, hundreds of people have seen the documents. I sent them out on a history list serve, and to a number of colleagues. (The fact that you have not seen them is not particularly relevant.) And, ... more
        • I forgotPat, Fri Oct 6 5:16pm
          Peons like myself don't matter nor need to know. You sound like Trump now.
      • Mark's photosLinda Wommack, Fri Oct 6 1:54pm
        I beg to differ. Mark has done remarkable research. Mark has emailed the photos to me and we are in the process of putting them as well as his excellently researched article on the WWHA web site.
        • Thanks Linda Mark Mszanski, Fri Oct 6 2:47pm
          All good - Let em rip - I want the researchers to have them - Hopefully we can come up with other information as a result - Pat - LOL - Me thinks though doth protest too much - Pat -Believe me - I... more
          • MarkPat, Fri Oct 6 4:04pm
            I want so much to believe this is true. However the old caveat trust but verify comes to mind. Let me say this. And don't take it personal please. You are sharp, a software engineer , work for a... more
            • Groundhog dayMark Mszanski, Fri Oct 6 5:07pm
              Pat - I am not sure what your getting too. But go ahead and verify , You have the sources in my article. You have the docs being posted. I would make a wager with you , but that would not be fair.... more
        • Better yetPat, Fri Oct 6 2:12pm
          Send for a copy yourself from Maritime History Museum,Memorial University , Newfoundland , Canada. That way you can see the actual page and if it was altered.
        • GoodyPat, Fri Oct 6 1:57pm
          How about putting them on here? Besides without seeing the originals we will never know.
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