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Daniel Buck
"Outlaw's home preserved"
Sat Oct 7, 2017 12:48pm

"Outlaw's home preserved"

$188,000* might be more than his share of outlaw loot during his career. Dan

*unadjusted for inflation

    • Circleville HomeBob Goodwin, Tue Oct 10 6:38am
      Bill Betenson instigated and headed up the project, doing most of the coordination between the various government agencies to get it done. Kudos go to him. If you like the project, let him know. As... more
      • Butch spent little or no time in the home. (nm)Anonymous, Tue Oct 10 10:55am
      • Re: Circleville HomeVince Garcia, Tue Oct 10 10:27am
        Would you have preferred the version where you arrest further deterioration?
        • Yes (nm)Bob Goodwin, Wed Oct 11 5:57am
          • Agree with BobPat, Wed Oct 11 9:22am
            30 years ago while living in Snowflake ,AZ my husband at the time was a trucker hauling logs from the Kaibab.We had friends in Kanab and would drive up some days to see them. Then we would keep... more
    • This is good news Mark Mszanski, Sun Oct 8 6:31am
      Dan - Thank for sending this along. Would imagine the extended family was happy as well. reagards,
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