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Daniel Buck
Pibkerton's price list
Sun Oct 8, 2017 9:27am

Cowan's has up for auction an 1886 Pinkerton's National Detective Agency cost-of-services flyer:

Some have argued, here on the hallowed pages of OWR no less, that the Pinkertons falsely identified dead men as wanted outlaws in order to collect reward money. The agency, however, as a matter of policy did not collect rewards:

"The agency does not operate for rewards or for compensation contingent upon the result of any business it undertakes, and none of the Agency'd operatives are permitted to receive any reward which may have been offered in connection with the same, nor any gratuity for any service performed."

    • Re: Pibkerton's price listVince Garcia, Sun Oct 8 4:46pm
      for goodness' sake--I thought everyone knew enough to know you are right: They DID NOT collect rewards!
      • Re: Pibkerton's price listDaniel Buck, Mon Oct 9 4:38am
        Not quite everyone. The Pinkerton reward topic was batted around right here on OWR a few years ago. Here are my two whacks at the ball, both from a 17 July 2014 message thread: 3/ The reward issue:... more
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