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Vince Garcia
Re: Longabaugh=Kilpatrick/Cassidy=Hanks
Wed Nov 8, 2017 11:21am

Yeah, Hanks didn't remotely look .like Butch if you compare them, but if you're pre-programmed to blame Butch Cassidy for every train robbery in that part of the world, a guy who remotely sounds similar in appearance would fit your pre-conceived notion just fine.

  • Re: Longabaugh=Kilpatrick/Cassidy=Hanks ChrisV, Wed Nov 8 9:35am
    Description from Pinkertons reflects 1901: Butch age 36, Hanks 38........about same age Butch weight 165, Hanks 156........slight difference Butch complexion light, Hanks sandy......about same color... more
    • Re: Longabaugh=Kilpatrick/Cassidy=Hanks — Vince Garcia, Wed Nov 8 11:21am
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