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Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:27pm

Ft Pierce is in Florida. Not in Wyoming. There is nothing with this name in or near the HIW. It was made up story.

  • I found a FORT Pierce, WyVince Garcia, Sat Nov 11 10:54am
    Or it could have been an unincorporated place like Navalencia, where my grandmother lived. Small township never on any map but it existed 30 miles or so east of here. I dunno otherwise
    • Nope — Pat, Sat Nov 11 12:27pm
      • Re: NopeVince Garcia, Sat Nov 11 5:14pm
        Well, I I found a newspaper references to it from 1908. Maybe a misprint or not. But I won't argue over it. Not a big issue to me
        • Vince Pat, Sat Nov 11 6:28pm
          What you found was Fort Pierce in Wyoming County, Florida.
          • Re: Vince Vince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 2:06am
            The word "county" wasn't there. "Joe Smith from Fort Pierce, Wy, returned home today..." That's how it was written. But I'm done with this
            • Re: Vince Vince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 2:23am
              That's a paraphrase, not precise wording, but it makes the point of how it was written, No word or anything that would imply Florida. Not my job to explain why if you're right
              • Re: Vince Daniel Buck, Sun Nov 12 7:51am
                Vince, The unnamed detective said that he encountered Logan "near the 'Hole' country, at a place called Pierce." Given that this is a "just so," story, we probably need to get too caught up in... more
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