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Daniel Buck
Re: Washington DC Post, Jan 21, 1912.
Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:35pm

Thanks. That is one strange tale, "Bandit Captured the Sleuth: Detective Who Had Run the Notorious Harvey Logan to Earth Had Thrilling Experience." No byline, but reprinted from the Railroad Man's Magazine in the 12 January 1912 Washington Post's "Miscellany Section," alongside features, fillers, short stories, and poems. My favorite, "Explosive Turtles Terrors," about a professor who had figured out how to sink ships with exploding turtles.

How this unnamed Chicago detective awaiting hiring in St. Louis came to be prowling around "'Hole Country" -- purple prose for Way Out West? -- looking for Logan, presumably in the aftermath of the Wagner robbery, is not explained. Anyway, I think Smokov has Logan in Montana in the weeks following Wagner.

Logan stealing the arrest warrant and kidnapping the sleuth is probably one detail too far. Doubtful. Dan

  • Washington DC Post, Jan 21, 1912. (nm)Vince Garcia, Sat Nov 11 11:51am
    • Re: Washington DC Post, Jan 21, 1912. — Daniel Buck, Sat Nov 11 1:35pm
      • Re: Washington DC Post, Jan 21, 1912. Vince Garcia, Sat Nov 11 5:17pm
        no no--not after wagner. He says it was before logan was famous, and it seems to be for something Logan did in St louis. My best guess is that would date it to 1896 when there is some anecdotal... more
        • Re: Washington DC Post, Jan 21, 1912. Daniel Buck, Sat Nov 11 6:11pm
          Vince, You are correct. I misread it. In the second column, after introducing Harvey Logan as a famous bandit he goes back in time, to a "few years previous to the opening of this story." That's as... more
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