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Vince Garcia
Re: Nope
Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:14pm

Well, I I found a newspaper references to it from 1908. Maybe a misprint or not. But I won't argue over it. Not a big issue to me

  • NopePat, Sat Nov 11 12:27pm
    Ft Pierce is in Florida. Not in Wyoming. There is nothing with this name in or near the HIW. It was made up story.
    • Re: Nope — Vince Garcia, Sat Nov 11 5:14pm
      • Vince Pat, Sat Nov 11 6:28pm
        What you found was Fort Pierce in Wyoming County, Florida.
        • Re: Vince Vince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 2:06am
          The word "county" wasn't there. "Joe Smith from Fort Pierce, Wy, returned home today..." That's how it was written. But I'm done with this
          • Re: Vince Vince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 2:23am
            That's a paraphrase, not precise wording, but it makes the point of how it was written, No word or anything that would imply Florida. Not my job to explain why if you're right
            • Re: Vince Daniel Buck, Sun Nov 12 7:51am
              Vince, The unnamed detective said that he encountered Logan "near the 'Hole' country, at a place called Pierce." Given that this is a "just so," story, we probably need to get too caught up in... more
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