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Daniel Buck
Re: Washington DC Post, Jan 21, 1912.
Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:11pm

You are correct. I misread it. In the second column, after introducing Harvey Logan as a famous bandit he goes back in time, to a "few years previous to the opening of this story."

That's as perplexing, why would a St. Louis detective be hunting Logan, assuming he ever did.

Did you notice that he promoted Logan & Sundance to mass murders: the pair "killed two Sheriffs, three United States Marshals, and half a dozen Pinkerton detectives." And Logan solo finished off ten gambres Dan

  • Re: Washington DC Post, Jan 21, 1912. Vince Garcia, Sat Nov 11 5:17pm
    no no--not after wagner. He says it was before logan was famous, and it seems to be for something Logan did in St louis. My best guess is that would date it to 1896 when there is some anecdotal... more
    • Re: Washington DC Post, Jan 21, 1912. — Daniel Buck, Sat Nov 11 6:11pm
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