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Vince Garcia
Bad article on Wilcox in Wyoming magazine
Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:20am

Wyoming Magazine has published a bad, error-filled article on the Wilcox robbery.

I had offered to give them my article on it to present a really accurate work on it, and after an initial response, never heard back. Then they went and published a work that churns out bad info even compared to normal articles on it.

The writer even claims we don't know the name of John Walsh, the fireman, and naturally implies BC was one of the participants.

Bad, bad job!

    • ArticlePat, Sun Nov 12 8:01am
      It's on Facebook . Author Will Craft. Why does this surprise anyone? It's written for entertainment . That said not much in Wyoming is factual .Nor Utah, AZ, NM, and above all... more
    • WilcoxColin Taylor, Sun Nov 12 4:23am
      Vince-At the time of the Wilcox train robbery there was only one (if memory is correct) that published daily and that was in Cheyenne. Initially there were considerable differences, depending upon... more
      • Re: WilcoxVince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 5:45am
        There were a number of papers that published the day after the robbery in Salt lake, and Ogden with good interviews. Buy yes, there were a variety of contradictions and reporters' mistakes here and... more
        • Another theory being takenColin Taylor, Sun Nov 12 6:28am
          Vince-Odd that you brought this up right now. Recently the museum in Kaycee has talked to a couple of guys that have another "straight" story about the Wilcox train robbery. I talked to one of them... more
          • Re: Another theory being takenVince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 10:31am
            What is their theory? Haw far out is it? I know some people think the robbery site is in a different spot
            • WilcoxColin Taylor, Sun Nov 12 2:09pm
              Vince- You can get hold of the guy by calling 307-472-1133.
              • Wilcoxcooper, Mon Nov 13 9:19am
                Colin - why don't you tell them what you have seen at the Wilcox site
                • WilcoxColin Taylor, Mon Nov 13 1:44pm
                  Coop- The guy I have been emailing I have known for quite awhile. I have sent him the entire thing that I did figure out but he is sure he knows exactly what happened by reading his own newspapers.... more
              • Re: WilcoxVince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 5:43pm
                I don't talk to strangers. I thought you might just give a brief synopsis
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