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Colin Taylor
Another theory being taken
Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:28am

Vince-Odd that you brought this up right now. Recently the museum in Kaycee has talked to a couple of guys that have another "straight" story about the Wilcox train robbery. I talked to one of them and gave up completely after perhaps a ten minute visit. They (by his report) are doing this as a business. You know in order for anyone to get a murder conviction it is necessary to know and be able to prove a lot more than any of us know about the Wilcox train robbery! Colin Taylor

  • Re: WilcoxVince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 5:45am
    There were a number of papers that published the day after the robbery in Salt lake, and Ogden with good interviews. Buy yes, there were a variety of contradictions and reporters' mistakes here and... more
    • Another theory being taken — Colin Taylor, Sun Nov 12 6:28am
      • Re: Another theory being takenVince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 10:31am
        What is their theory? Haw far out is it? I know some people think the robbery site is in a different spot
        • WilcoxColin Taylor, Sun Nov 12 2:09pm
          Vince- You can get hold of the guy by calling 307-472-1133.
          • Wilcoxcooper, Mon Nov 13 9:19am
            Colin - why don't you tell them what you have seen at the Wilcox site
            • WilcoxColin Taylor, Mon Nov 13 1:44pm
              Coop- The guy I have been emailing I have known for quite awhile. I have sent him the entire thing that I did figure out but he is sure he knows exactly what happened by reading his own newspapers.... more
          • Re: WilcoxVince Garcia, Sun Nov 12 5:43pm
            I don't talk to strangers. I thought you might just give a brief synopsis
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