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How ?
Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:11am

How could bankers in Buenos Aires hundreds of miles away from the Villa Merces robbery identify the photos .They were even there?

  • Re:Bob Goodwin, Mon Nov 13 5:26am
    Witnesses after the Villa Mercedes robbery in Argentina from photos shown to them identified Butch and Sundance, as having committed the robbery. two other participants were unidentified. The bankers ... more
    • How ? — Pat, Mon Nov 13 10:11am
    • Witnesses??Pat, Mon Nov 13 9:37am
      And exactly who were those witnesses. SA indians or Spanish? It's like in this country when whites try to identify black s. Some have spent their whole lives in prison because of it. If these so... more
      • re:Bob Goodwin, Mon Nov 13 11:44am
        I must not have made myself clear. I was talking about two different sets of witnesses. Set one were the witnesses after the Villa Mercedes robbery who identified Butch, Sundance and Etta/Ethel, and... more
    • Re:ChrisV, Mon Nov 13 5:53am
      Hi Bob, Not being difficult, but weren't they going by another alias at that point? best, Chris
      • re:Bob Goodwin, Mon Nov 13 8:33am
        Yes, good question. They were going by aliases. Harry A Place, Ethel Plane, and James Ryan. However, the photos that Dimaio was showing around were of Harry Longabaugh, Ethel/Etta Place and Butch... more
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