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Since Pat brought up the Lay letter...
Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:10pm

All of the Butch letters have a similar look. To the casual observer, they look pretty much the same. However, every one of the letters has discrepancies. Im sure someone will chime in and say handwriting changes overtime. I believe writing does change some, but each letter has a different look to it. Like it wasnt written by the same person. Im not a handwriting expert, but I encourage everyone to look for yourself.

  • Re: Dan again thanksDaniel Buck, Mon Nov 13 4:34pm
    Pat, Saying there "is no evidence" when in fact there is evidence -- in both New York and Argentina -- is not a very productive line of inquiry. Dan
    • Since Pat brought up the Lay letter... — ChrisV, Mon Nov 13 5:10pm
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