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Bob maybe
Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:10am

It may be the guy who was looking at the Lexus files at LoC and found Buck's info and book in there and said on the film "What the hell is Buck doing in here" LOL. Maybe Dan stuffed them down his pants.

  • re:Bob Goodwin, Tue Nov 14 5:44am
    Maybe Sandy Berger stuffed them down his pants, or Reality Winner stuffed them in her pantyhose.
    • Bob maybe — Pat, Tue Nov 14 9:10am
      • Re: Bob maybe ChrisV, Tue Nov 14 9:15am
        It didnt fit his "pet evidence and theory" so it disappeared.....scary
    • re:ChrisV, Tue Nov 14 5:46am
      I can think of one better Bob....
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