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A little humor and change of pace
Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:13pm

One year ago I cut my cord and now get TV as I like it on ROKU.I am catching up on all the programs ,movies ,series that I never saw. I was working . Anyway I had heard of a series that I can now watch called Twin Peaks. I guess it was popular.I started binge watching the entire series. It is dumb. Bad acting , Screwy plots. I kept saying I was not going to keep watching but I did to the bitter end. It reminds me of OWR. And in my head I can hear the words from the movie Brokeback Mountain. "Why can't I quit you".

By the way there really is a Brokenback Mountain in WY. It was owned by George Sabin who worked for the Torrey/Embar as the horse foreman in the Ten Sleep area where his ranch was.Good ole George was a murderer in the extreme. He was sent to prison after the 1909 Sheep Springs murders. He was let out shortly on a chain gang in Cody..He disappeared . He went to his ranch and no one really looked for him. He died there with wife and kids many years later.
. I interviewed his daughter. Torrey sure had some pull.

The books about Wyoming written by Annie Proulx are among my favorites. But she is much disliked by Wyomingites as I guess she came to close to the truth. :)

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