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The trident E isnt rare
Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:31pm

Etta's trident E as its been named, had people on here saying how rare and unique it was. Well, in studying other Butch related documents its not that rare. Butch was a fan. You can find it in all his his documents. Milton Roberts liked it as well in the November 5, 1901 document. Juan Gardner (John) liked the trident E in his1902 land document signature. Strangely, he doesn't use it in the November 5, 1901 document. In fact, his signature looks completely different lol. Not sure how that happens. This style of writing has been said to be unique, but was used on so many of the Butch and SK documents. What are the odds? lol BTW the Pinkertons already knew that "Etta" was using trident E's in their tracing of Ethel and Place.

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