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Daniel Buck
Re: The trident E isnt rare
Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:57pm

your post is a good example of how when something is repeated, it changes. In your retelling, you comment on "people here saying how rare and unique" Ethel Place's Greek e is.

However, what posters this year observed was that the upper case Greek e was common and the lower case Greek e was uncommon.

Last month, Pat Schroeder remarked, "However , the Greek lower case E is not a big deal other than like Juha said she may be an immigrant or from immigrant family. Notice that Butch also used lower case Greek E in his George Cassidy signature."

And another poster said, "re Cassidy favoring the lowercase Greek/trident e when he signed the name George. Maybe not so uncommon after all."

The question remains, does the use of the upper and lower case Greek us tell us anything about Ethel Place's origins, schooling, etc. Best, Dan

  • The trident E isnt rare ChrisV, Tue Nov 14 5:31pm
    Etta's trident E as its been named, had people on here saying how rare and unique it was. Well, in studying other Butch related documents its not that rare. Butch was a fan. You can find it in all... more
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