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Vince Garcia
Groundbreaking--new photo of Etta and Sundance found!
Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:58am


    • EttaNicholas, Fri Nov 24 6:27pm
      Ran across this blog...again. I had to comment. This is at least one thing that I do agree with Dan on about Kerry. This one really is a hoax. Nicholas
      • EttaNicholas, Fri Nov 24 6:38pm
        To understand what I am referring to it helps if you read the comments on the blog link in my previous post.
    • Taken no doubt on the morning of the Great Brinks Robbery, one of the Wild Bunch's lesser known heists. Note MIT's Frank Gehry building in the background. PS The smiley face -- :) -- upper left, is a ... more
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