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Mark Mszanski
No going to be happy ? LOL
Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:39pm

It will probably be the archivists !-

Seriously - Once you get the money to travel to Newfoundland ( bring BOB with you ) :LOL - You guys can ask the archivists for a lab set up - Then you can swing buy SOAM on your way and do the same -

"Hi - Ummm.... We are here to test all of your docs is that ok? - We have a lab with us - ?

Tell me how that goes -

  • Re: See, we agree on a lot of things! LOLChrisV, Thu Nov 16 9:02am
    Good advice. Verification on all of these documents are way overdue. When that process ever happens, I know a few people that are not going to be happy ;)
    • No going to be happy ? LOL — Mark Mszanski, Thu Nov 16 12:39pm
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