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Parent Signatures
Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:02pm

It kind of reminds me of when students forge their parent signatures on permission slips. Everyone knows the signature is fake and no one questions it because if you do, the parent will go into attack mode making you feel like a piece of trash, even threaten to get you fired, for thinking their child would do such a thing. That's the culture we live in. So we must accept it as the real thing.

  • Re: See, we agree on a lot of things! LOLChrisV, Thu Nov 16 9:02am
    Good advice. Verification on all of these documents are way overdue. When that process ever happens, I know a few people that are not going to be happy ;)
    • No going to be happy ? LOLMark Mszanski, Thu Nov 16 12:39pm
      It will probably be the archivists !- Seriously - Once you get the money to travel to Newfoundland ( bring BOB with you ) :LOL - You guys can ask the archivists for a lab set up - Then you can swing... more
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