Daniel Buck
Re: Question for Dan on the Posse Cars
Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:09pm

Well, I think that is the point, it was only used once or twice in Wyoming by the UP, and in neither case was terribly effective. In reality, sending an expensive posse to the scene of the crime, arriving at best six hours later, doesn't strike me as a great strategy. In other cases, various posses, mostly ad hoc, criss-crossed the region of the hold up. More research required on the entire question of posses., super or not.

Tho, on the other hand, one could argue, if there were no more robberies until 1916, did it not scare off would-be train assailants? Or did the assailants do themselves in?

To the extent various Wild Bunchers were involved in Wyoming at the turn-of-the-last-century, they either left the region &/or were caught/shot: Elzy Lay caught in New Mexico in 1899; Bob Lee, Lonie Logan, and George Currie caught/shot in Colorado, Missouri, & Utah respectively in 1900; BC&SK fled to SoAm in 1901; Ben Kilpatrick, Harvey Logan, & Will Carver caught/shot in 1901 in Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas respectively; Harvey Logan suicide & George Kilpatrick mortally wounded, in Colorado in 1904; and Ben Kilpatrick mortally wounded in Texas in 1912. Crime is an unforgiving business, especially for repeat offenders, which most of them were. Dan

  • Re: Question for Dan on the Posse Cars Vince Garcia, Sat Nov 18 4:02pm
    I'm right then. After Tipton there is nothing until the Teens (which I did not search for because the railroad posse I imagine would be a memory by then, replaced by cars, I suppose? So really, it... more
    • Re: Question for Dan on the Posse Cars — Daniel Buck, Sat Nov 18 10:09pm
      • Re: Question for Dan on the Posse Cars Vince Garcia, Sun Nov 19 10:14am
        Interestingly, the train robbery business seemed to go in in Montana during the early 1900s, so Wyoming did seem to get too hot for the robbers.
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