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Daniel Buck
outlaw capitalization
Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:16am

English-language capitalization rules were still in flux into the 19th century when BC was learning to write, so his occasional capitalization of B words might be a vestige of that, or a personal tic. He also occasionally capitalized other words that would not be considered standard today. E.g., he capitalized family nouns such as father, mother, & sister. But most of the time he adhered to the capitalization rules we follow today. Best, Dan

  • No SubjectBB in Butch/Ryan letters, Mon Nov 20 5:59am
    Anyone ever pick up on this? Boys of Concordia letter "looks capable of making a blue eyed Baby Boy." (Double capital B's) Letter to Dan Parker "This from your Brother, Bob" (Double capital B's) Town ... more
    • Re: No SubjectVince Garcia, Mon Nov 20 12:26pm
      If it would help your knowing, while I loathe cursive to the extent of not using it except as a signature, which is an illegible scrawl (and I presume these were written in cursive, which was the... more
      • Re: No SubjectDaniel Buck, Mon Nov 20 1:47pm
        Vince, read up on the history of English-language capitalization. Capitalization was common in early English-language writing. As I recall, most/all the nouns in the US Constitution are capitalized.... more
      • Vince Pat, Mon Nov 20 1:14pm
        Have you studied the handwriting of serial killers ? And are you one?:)
        • Re: Vince Vince Garcia, Mon Nov 20 3:16pm
          I have Asperger's and as such have some of the traits of a serial killer. For one, lack of empathy. I think I understand Harvey Logan's lack of empathy See the Washington Post article... more
      • Re: No SubjectChrisV, Mon Nov 20 12:32pm
        Vince, I see your point. I too write with whats comfortable for me. Most people do I guess. The only other time I saw him do a double letter in caps was R.R. for railroad. Probably just a tic as Dan... more
    • It doesn't matterPat, Mon Nov 20 10:32am
      Since they're all fake and or forgeries . None written by Robert Leroy Parker aka Butch Cassidy. However the BB could be for one of my favorite old radio programs called Bobby Benson and the B Bar B. ... more
    • outlaw capitalization — Daniel Buck, Mon Nov 20 9:16am
      • Re: outlaw capitalizationChrisV, Mon Nov 20 9:21am
        It could just be a tic as you say. I guess we will never know. :)
        • Re: outlaw capitalizationDaniel Buck, Mon Nov 20 9:48am
          Chris, Each time something is retold, it changes. Example umpteenth: I did not say it "could just be a tic," I said it 1/, "might have been a vestige" of the capitalization rules he learned in the... more
          • Re: outlaw capitalizationChrisV, Mon Nov 20 9:58am
            Was a simple comment, but since you want to go down this road..... Your right when something is retold it changes. You are no exception. It is NOT as you state Dan Parker, Rosa Warner, and Concordia. ... more
            • Re: outlaw capitalizationDaniel Buck, Mon Nov 20 10:01am
              Chris, The rule that ever time something is retold it changes is universal, it applies to everyone, even me. Smile. Dan PS Putting words in ALL CAPS is cute.
              • yawnChrisV, Mon Nov 20 10:17am
                Just because he is a criminal does not make him stupid as you have stated before. A very ignorant comment on your part. I and others think just the opposite. He was very intelligent. Using code would ... more
                • Re: yawnVince Garcia, Mon Nov 20 4:35pm
                  This is a very interesting question: Did the WB have any sort of "code" they used to communicate with? They did have a series of drop locations for letters and communiques. Would they have been... more
                  • Re: yawnChrisV, Mon Nov 20 4:41pm
                    Im with you. Secret mail locations is all I know about. Would be neat if there was a secret code. I doubt it, but you never know ;)
                    • Re: yawnVince Garcia, Mon Nov 20 6:02pm
                      Unless somehow I missed or read and forgot that they had such a cryptographic system, only someone who who had really good lore knowledge of the WB, who likely would need to have spoken to some... more
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