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Re: No Subject
Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:32pm

I see your point. I too write with whats comfortable for me. Most people do I guess. The only other time I saw him do a double letter in caps was R.R. for railroad. Probably just a tic as Dan stated earlier, but still strange.

  • Re: No SubjectVince Garcia, Mon Nov 20 12:26pm
    If it would help your knowing, while I loathe cursive to the extent of not using it except as a signature, which is an illegible scrawl (and I presume these were written in cursive, which was the... more
    • Re: No SubjectDaniel Buck, Mon Nov 20 1:47pm
      Vince, read up on the history of English-language capitalization. Capitalization was common in early English-language writing. As I recall, most/all the nouns in the US Constitution are capitalized.... more
    • Vince Pat, Mon Nov 20 1:14pm
      Have you studied the handwriting of serial killers ? And are you one?:)
      • Re: Vince Vince Garcia, Mon Nov 20 3:16pm
        I have Asperger's and as such have some of the traits of a serial killer. For one, lack of empathy. I think I understand Harvey Logan's lack of empathy See the Washington Post article... more
    • Re: No Subject — ChrisV, Mon Nov 20 12:32pm
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