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Daniel Buck
Re: No Subject
Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:47pm

read up on the history of English-language capitalization. Capitalization was common in early English-language writing. As I recall, most/all the nouns in the US Constitution are capitalized. In the 19th century the practice began to trend toward the modern rules we now adhere, but people still capitalized more than we do today. BC, for example, capitalized, the nouns Father, Mother, Brother, and Sister.

There is still disagreement over which words should be capitalized. The Chicago Manual of Style has more than 60 pages of rules about capitalization.

Some people today, especially on blog posts, even use ALL Caps for emphasis, like they're writing a ransom note. Smile. (Or should it be SMILE?) Dan

  • Re: No SubjectVince Garcia, Mon Nov 20 12:26pm
    If it would help your knowing, while I loathe cursive to the extent of not using it except as a signature, which is an illegible scrawl (and I presume these were written in cursive, which was the... more
    • Re: No Subject — Daniel Buck, Mon Nov 20 1:47pm
    • Vince Pat, Mon Nov 20 1:14pm
      Have you studied the handwriting of serial killers ? And are you one?:)
      • Re: Vince Vince Garcia, Mon Nov 20 3:16pm
        I have Asperger's and as such have some of the traits of a serial killer. For one, lack of empathy. I think I understand Harvey Logan's lack of empathy See the Washington Post article... more
    • Re: No SubjectChrisV, Mon Nov 20 12:32pm
      Vince, I see your point. I too write with whats comfortable for me. Most people do I guess. The only other time I saw him do a double letter in caps was R.R. for railroad. Probably just a tic as Dan... more
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