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Re: Matilda Davis Letter
Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:33am

I also don't get this phrase "I visited the best cities and countries of South A. till I got here". If he were on the steamship with Etta and SK that wouldn't be true correct? They would have left New York and headed straight to Argentina correct? This would have been planned out. A point a to b type of thing. Buenos Aires would have the only "best city" they would have come to? I haven't been there is that correct?

"Another of my Uncles died and left $30,000, Thirty thousand to our little family of three. I took my $10,000" Why is Etta getting a cut?

"I sometimes feel very lonely....the only language spoken is Spanish, and I don't speak it well enough to converse..." I thought he had neighbors that would have spoke English. Going from memory, Dan Gibbons, Newberry, John Gardner, Milton Roberts

  • Re: Matilda Davis LetterDaniel Buck, Mon Nov 27 4:44am
    Chris, Good observations. The letter is a tad over dramatic. But then, so is Cassidy's letter to the Boys at Concordia. Self-absorbed, another side to the Wild Bunch outlaw. Also, as I commented... more
    • Re: Matilda Davis Letter — ChrisV, Mon Nov 27 6:33am
      • Re: Matilda Davis LetterDaniel Buck, Mon Nov 27 6:51am
        Chis, All good observations -- plausible answers. First, his southbound ship might have stopped in Brazil, at Rio &/or Sao Paulo, and t most certainly stopped at Montevideo, Uruguay. Why is EP... more
        • Re: Matilda Davis LetterVince Garcia, Mon Nov 27 8:37am
          Regarding Etta getting a cut--I think it most likely he was just speaking in generalities. CARVER got 30% of Winnemucca, but they did have other cash they apparently took, and it is not inconceivable ... more
        • Re: Matilda Davis LetterChrisV, Mon Nov 27 6:56am
          Marks eyewitness helps a lot. Good find.
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