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Daniel Buck
Re: Chris
Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:17am


Here's the quote: "The letter was dated August 2, 1902, and directed to a ;Mrs. Davis in Ashley, Utah. Written on lined note pad, it was beautiful handwriting. As a lad growing up, I often saw this letter as it reposed in the upper drawer of the living room bureau at our Heber City, Utah home. My inquiry to my Mom gained a rather casual reply that it was from Butch Cassidy, of whom I knew little. It intrigued me since it came from Chubu, Cholila, the Argentine. That was enough to pique my young interest. The Mrs. Davis and Butch Cassidy brought about a knowledge of a man by the name of Elza Lay, my mother's father, and thereafter brought about a curiosity about the Wild Bunch."

Harv Murdock is telling how he first saw the letter "as a lad growing up," which means, 1930s/1940s, and how it sparked his interest in the Wild Bunch. Whether you believe his story or not, or for that matter whether you believe the letter is authentic or not, he is an eye witness. Dan

  • ChrisPat, Mon Nov 27 9:58am
    The eyewitness was Harvey . He can't witness his own fake letter.
    • Re: Chris — Daniel Buck, Mon Nov 27 10:17am
      • DanPat, Mon Nov 27 1:31pm
        We will have to agree to disagree. I can't see how you can accept Harvey's word for anything. We don't know that he saw anything at 2 or 40 . It was just his story and I do not believe it .
        • Re: DanDaniel Buck, Mon Nov 27 1:54pm
          Pat, Harv Murdock and I corresponded for several years. I found him to be a straight-up fellow. But it's not just that I take his word on the letter, for the several reasons I listed in a previous... more
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