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Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:22am

Now you're telling me what I think? Are you a mind reader? I don't know if Robert Leroy Parker went to SA or not. That's the whole point. Someone named James Ryan went . Whoever he was we don't know that either . You need to quit worshipping at the feet of OZ.

  • Re: ChrisVince Garcia, Mon Nov 27 8:43am
    YOU don't need it to be fake. That comment was a question to Pat who has this big theory that Butch never went to SA. SHE, if anyone, would need it to be fake because if it is not it hurts her theory
    • Vince — Pat, Mon Nov 27 10:22am
      • Re: VinceVince Garcia, Mon Nov 27 2:46pm
        You've been saying this theory for years here! Sometimes, when someone finds out something, or points out something (as I did recently) that hurts it you back off slightly and equivocate, but you... more
    • Re: ChrisChrisV, Mon Nov 27 8:49am
      gotcha. :)
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