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Re: March 23 1901
Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:04am

Lets give them the benefit that they disembarked at 12:00am of the 23rd. Ferries today can travel 29 miles per hour. Back in 1900, I doubt they did 5 mph (I know knots is the correct measurement, but going by mph) Im not even sure a ferry would be practical as it is not as easy as just crossing the river as you put it. Its a very long distance. Traveling by land might be easier. I would assume they would take a horse and buggy. A horse walks at 4 mph. At those speeds they would get there maybe before midnight. Hotels I would think are open 24 a day. Bank definitely closed.

A horse can trot on average at 8 mph. If they were able to maintain this average with no problems of stopping, meals, etc... they could arrive at 4pm. It would probably mean they would also have to find the hotel and register, then go to the bank. Not sure there would be time to get to bank in time. Neither of these scenarios take into account congestion/finding the locations once they reach the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

  • Re: March 23 1901Daniel Buck, Mon Nov 27 10:41am
    Chris, Operative qualification, "assuming that Dimaio got the bank account date correct." One explanation would be that he got the date wrong. Or, in the alternative, they arrived in Montevideo in... more
    • Re: March 23 1901ChrisV, Mon Nov 27 11:20am
      Not sure of trains in the area at the time. Maybe you would know.
      • Re: March 23 1901Daniel Buck, Mon Nov 27 11:24am
        I'm sorry -- trains what?
        • Re: March 23 1901ChrisV, Mon Nov 27 11:27am
          Perhaps they took a train? Im assuming it could be a possibility.
    • Re: March 23 1901 — ChrisV, Mon Nov 27 11:04am
    • Re: March 23 1901Daniel Buck, Mon Nov 27 10:56am
      Chris, I should have added that an Argentine researcher looking into Montevideo & BsAs shipping topics told me that it was not uncommon back then for passengers, rather than staying on the ship while ... more
      • Re: March 23 1901ChrisV, Mon Nov 27 11:10am
        If they came on the Bellarden, how could a porter on the Herminius ID SK and Etta? Not an option
        • Re: March 23 1901Vince Garcia, Mon Nov 27 11:27am
          It was the porter on the SOLDIER PRINCE who remembered SD and Etta. So Butch did not sail with them Point is, unless Butch had already been down in SA earlier, they would be unlikely to so early have ... more
        • Re: March 23 1901Daniel Buck, Mon Nov 27 11:20am
          Chris, I think you mixed up your ships, the Soldier Prince porter id'd SK&EP outgoing in 1902. The question of the Herminius vs. the Bellarden is based on the Pinkertons having reporting that they... more
          • Re: March 23 1901ChrisV, Mon Nov 27 11:49am
            I did mix up my ships :) According to Marks article, there is no reason to even bring the Herminius up as it arrived in Uruguay on March 24. Would obviously be impossible to deposit the money. That... more
            • Re: March 23 1901Daniel Buck, Mon Nov 27 12:00pm
              Chris, We know they arrived, either on the Herminius or the Bellarden, what is in question is the date the bank account opened. If Dimaio meant, say, 26 of March, either ship works. The Pinkertons... more
              • Re: March 23 1901ChrisV, Mon Nov 27 12:08pm
                Unless further info arises, The Herminius has been eliminated. Im going to accept DImaio's date of March 23. best, Chris
                • Correct on all assumptions Mark Mszanski, Tue Nov 28 6:52am
                  Based upon the ships stamps for arrival it seems Bellarden was the more likely ship at this time if the deposit date is correct. The only alternative is if the bank had offices at Montevideo but that ... more
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