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Mark Mszanski
Correct on all assumptions
Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:52am

Based upon the ships stamps for arrival it seems Bellarden was the more likely ship at this time if the deposit date is correct. The only alternative is if the bank had offices at Montevideo but that may be a stretch. ( i don't recall checking that ) --

The Ship name as I recall was the result of Kirby's research and not that of looking at all ships leaving Brooklyn that day. I do believe the Pinkerton's would have gotten the date of departure correct - At least their ability to navigate in the New York Metro area was pretty good by my research. Their HQ offices were downtown at 57 Broadway at the time. If an outlaw (S) was in flight , they could get to the docs and get recon pretty readily at that point.

  • Re: March 23 1901ChrisV, Mon Nov 27 12:08pm
    Unless further info arises, The Herminius has been eliminated. Im going to accept DImaio's date of March 23. best, Chris
    • Correct on all assumptions — Mark Mszanski, Tue Nov 28 6:52am
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